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Our Publishing Model

Our greatest asset is a global network of highly accomplished authors and publishing and technology experts. The business structure of Protean Press enables them to work productively together in the new publishing terrain.

Protean Press represents a fundamentally new and powerful model for publishing:

  • Our innovative risk-sharing business arrangements mean that publishing team partners share in the success of a project based on their relative contributions of time, creativity, or financial resources. Everyone involved has a vested interest in a book’s success. This mutual commitment affects the entire process.
  • Whereas traditional publishers have been slow to respond to rapidly evolving e-publishing opportunities, we’re in our element in the Internet “ocean” and know how to publish successfully online.
  • Using transparent production methods, the author and the team work together in an environment of shared responsibility and accountability.
  • One size doesn’t fit all! Unlike large publishing houses with high overheads and many salaried employees specializing in a particular market sector, Protean Press has a small core staff and access to many hundreds of seasoned publishing professionals experienced in a variety of disciplines, who both practice the rigors of traditional publishing and “get it” when it comes to Internet publishing.
  • We are not a vanity press. Our risk-sharing approach means that every team member contributes something meaningful to the project, anticipating more return than a work-for-hire paycheck. Not funded by venture capitalists or outside companies, Protean Press publications need to succeed in the market, for the benefit of the Press and each member of the publication team. Profits are shared according to formulae agreed on at the outset of each project.