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Inspired by Proteus, the mythical sea god who changes shape at will, the Press published its first book in 1990, and continues today, putting together its large network of trusted publishing professionals and vendor companies with authors whose potential exceeds that offered by traditional publishing companies. Versatile and quick to market, Protean Press customizes each book’s publishing strategy and marketing plan. Whether it appears in print or electronic form (or both!) each publication undergoes rigorous editorial and production processes.

Our parent company, Open Book Systems (OBS), has focused on computer-aided production and Internet publishing platforms since 1982, producing hundreds of books, periodicals, and web solutions for the world’s leading publishing companies. It has served as a literary agency, book packager, and software company, designing and engineering Internet-based publishing solutions for multinational publishers and universities.

During these years, we have discovered our greatest asset of all—a global network of highly accomplished authors and publishing and technology experts. The business structure of Protean Press enables them to work productively together in the new publishing terrain. 


Protean Press is a proud member of the following organizations: